Application of soil conditioners improves the physical and physico-chemical properties of the soil, and its air, water and thermal balance. Peloids together with mineral and organic soil particles form the absorbing complex, which may influence the soil absorption capacity. Vigus application leads to creation of very valuable water-stable soil clods with granular structure. This structure is formed due to the ability of humic substances to envelop and glue together the mineral particles of the soil. Such granular structure helps to absorb water and pass water through the soil, improving its ability to breathe. Humic acids are among the main active substances of the soil conditioners and have the ability to gel. Due to this ability, after Vigus application we observe increased water-holding capacity of the soil.


1. Irrigation and precipitation
2. Evaporation
3. Furrow compacts
4. The capillary rise of water

Thanks to the application of soil conditioners, the intensively irrigated soil retains satisfactory properties longer, including a method of drip irrigation, with high doses of applied mineral fertilizers.