Soil is one of the national wealth and belongs to the most important strategic natural resources. The historical experience of the civilization development shows that the rise and decline of any state directly depends on its soil fertility. Reduction of soil fertility is a problem not only at the state level but a universal problem. The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) informs that about 70% of the earth dry land area is represented by the unproductive land, which is limited by the soil, climate, relief and economic conditions. The productive soil decreases annually in the world.

The solution of the food problem is impossible without the involvement of natural unproductive and degraded soil areas in the agricultural production.

La solución del problema de la alimentación no es posible sin la incorporación en la producción agrícola de los suelos naturales improductivos y degradados.

Vigus is effectively used to restore the activity of the soil microflora, depressed by the application of mineral fertilizers and pesticides.

Due to the presence of colloidal particles, Vigus facilitates structuring of the soil and improves its water and air balance. Vigus increases formation of small clods in soil structure, and such structure is the most useful to the root system of plants. The unique ability of Vigus to restore the buffering properties of soil and its absorption allows growing of crops successfully even in soils susceptible to salinisation.