Vigus foliar treatment stimulates plant growth and development, promotes the process of photosynthesis in leaves.

The complex foliar treatment improves the yield and the quality of crops.

The gluten content in cereal crops and the number of grains per ear increase, as well as resistance to the ear fall over.

The treatment of sugar beet accelerates its growth and development, shortens growing season, increases productivity and sugar content in the roots.

Treatment with Vigus of fruit crops in the period of vegetation significantly increases productivity, the content of vitamin C, sugar and solid matters in the yield.

In addition to growth stimulating effect, Vigus reduces stress caused by treatment with pesticides.

After foliar treatment, the growth stimulation symptoms appear within a few hours and the effect lasts for 2 months. The effect of nitrogen balance regulation maintains for 10 days after the treatment of leaves and plants.

After spraying of plants in the phase of 2-3 permanent leaves Vigus increases the flow of nutrients to the young growing plant tissues by regulating the permeability of cell membranes and provides an intense growth of seedlings and roots. This effect lasts throughout the growing season.

Vigus regulates biochemical cell processes, activates the absorption of ultraviolet radiation and accelerates the process of photosynthesis in leaves, which become of intense green color and their area increases. In the tillering phase of cereal crops Vigus increases the number of shoots.

Vigus activates the work of enzymes connected with the accumulation of reserved nutrients. This effect increases productivity and improves the quality of yield.

Spraying method

A working solution with Vigus is prepared in accordance with the application recommendations for a certain crop.

It is recommended to dissolve Vigus in the working solution first, then to add other pesticides` concentrates. It is advisable to add Vigus not in the working solution, but to dissolve Vigus in the tank mixture exactly.

It is recommended to use the standard rod sprayers and other sprayers specialized for a certain crop. The use of small-volume spraying machines is allowed, as well as the air method of application. Spraying is carried out in the morning or evening hours and in the absence of rain and strong wind.

To achieve the maximum effect, it is recommended for various kinds of plants to carry out 2-3 or more foliar treatments with Vigus. The subsequent sprayings reinforce the positive effect.