Seed treatment of cereal crops (wheat, barley, rye, oat, rice) with Vigus stimulates plant growth and development, increases vigor and seed germination by 6-10%, enlarges general and productive tillering. Vigus provides high stimulating effect on development of seeds and significantly enhances the growth and development of the root system of plants. It increases drought resistance of plants and improves the hibernation conditions of winter crops. Seed pretreatment activates germination of seedlings and such stimulating effect is observed during the month and, under certain conditions, throughout the growing season. Vigus application accelerates the emergence of seedlings by 1-2 days.

Affects on the development of seedlings

  • – lack of nutrients;
  • – pathogens;
  • – drought, waterlogging;
  • – pH (acidity, salinisation);
  • – mechanical cultivation of soil
  • – insufficient aeration
  • – soil structure
  • – temperature

Vigus activates DNA, RNA and protein synthesis processes, which speed up the rate of cell division and thus germination of seeds increases.

Presowing seed treatment is very important not only for cereal crops, but also for crops such as sunflower, buckwheat, corn, soy, pea and colza. The effects of Vigus on these crops are similar to the above mentioned effects on the cereal crops.

Presowing seed treatment of vegetable and cucurbit crops, along with seedling treatment, is also important. However, due to the active dissemination of already-treated and pelleted seed forms, the presowing seed treatment in most cases is impossible. Therefore, the foliar treatment of plants is even of greater importance in the vegetation period, especially in the early stages of plant development.

Seed treatment technology

Seed treatment is carried out in specialized units by semi-dry method (seed disinfecting machines of different modifications). The consumption rate of working solution for seed treatment is 10 liters per ton of seeds. The working solution includes Vigus, a seed disinfectant and a dye. Vigus is added into the solution last. It is recommended to use a working solution the day of its preparation.

The average consumption rate of the working solution per 1 ton of seeds of various crops is 0.4-0.6 liters.

Seed storage

The seeds treated with Vigus by semi-dry method should be stored in accordance with the standards and requirements of storage for treated seeds without changes and restrictions.