Vigus is used in drip irrigation systems in the open ground and greenhouses to stimulate the growth and development of the root system and plants. Vigus application also increases the coefficient of nutrients` absorption from fertilizers and soil. Vigus provides stimulating effect on the root system growth and root suction capacity and increases water absorption coefficient.

Vigus application on vegetable crops in greenhouses is more effective in drip irrigation systems. This method helps to protect plants from sudden temporary changes in temperature.

Vigus application on crops in the open ground effectively stimulates plant growth and optimizes mineral nutrition of plants.

The joint application of Vigus with high soluble fertilizers is allowed. This method increases the rate of fertilizers` absorption with plants and stimulates their growth and development.

In soil Vigus activates nitrogen-fixing and phosphate mobilizing bacteria, which fix nitrogen from the air and saturate the soil with it in the most plant-digestible form.

Irrigation method

In greenhouses in drip irrigation systems Vigus is added into the tank mixture (with clean water or a solution of fertilizers with pH of at least 5.5).

Vigus application is recommended to carry out 1 time per week or 1 time in 10 days in the last irrigation or the penultimate irrigation with clean water. Vigus is a high-quality product; it has no undissolved sediment, so it can be used in any system of drip irrigation. The product has passed the test in the industrial conditions in the control booth equipped with a set of drip irrigation tubes with different characteristics.

In the open ground in drip irrigation systems Vigus is applied together with mineral fertilizers by adding into the tank mixture (do not combine with calcium-containing fertilizers). The solution of Vigus and fertilizers is applied in the last 30 minutes of the planned irrigation.