Vigus is used for complex treatment of agricultural crops, starting with presowing seed treatment and treatment of seedlings and finishing with further treatment of vegetative plants. Root irrigation of plants is also very effective, if it suits the cultivation technology. Due to the high technological qualities Vigus is used in drip irrigation systems, both in the open ground and greenhouses.

Vigus activates growth and development of plants due to the complex presence in its composition of the biologically active organic compounds: humic and fulvic acids, amino acids and other low molecular organic acids, and also macro- and microelements.

Vigus when applied in technologies of crop growing activates a range of mechanisms, which increase crop productivity and product quality:

  • Increase in energy of seed germination
  • Intensive plant development and root growth
  • Increase in plant digestibility of nutrients from soil
  • Increase in photosynthetic activity of plants
  • Improvement of product quality and reduction of nitrates